Codess is an Australian owned and operated company with a wealth of over 19 years’ experience in customised office furniture solutions. Codess recently acquired the highly successful Neo, Freeplay and Beyon Beam workstations systems among a range of other products formerly produced by Desking Systems Australia. Visit the Desking Systems website to see the complete range of products available.







Codess is a client focused business and understands the cost and time demands of individual projects.

We know our proven track record of achievement is the reason for our ongoing relationships with many of our clients.

What we do

“We listen.”

We get to the heart of your project's budget, design and time needs and present practical and innovative solutions that work for your team.

We provide a greater level of customisation with shorter lead times for the benefit of our clients.

How we do it

We have a Sydney based manufacturing facility which is complimented by a network of local suppliers.

Codess is affiliated with well-established distributors in every state and territory of Australia and New Zealand.

In order to meet our customer's lead time demands, we house our products within our production facilities.

Certification & Environment


Most of the material used in production of our products as well as products themselves hold a range of independent Australian and International accreditation.


Codess has a commitment to produce products and provide services in a manner that consistently meets or exceeds environmental expectations. Codess take an ecological approach and see it as a fundamental component of manufacturing responsibility. Ecological preservation applies to the production process from the selection of raw materials right through to delivery to the customer. Quality assurance and a recognised environmental management program confirm our strict awareness and responsibility towards the environment and society.