Rockwell Collins

Project based work needs a level of privacy for task based activities and plenty of space to roll out documents and large plans. With this in mind we developed a prototype workstation for Rockwell Collins, we designed a solution for the Sydney Headquarters that gave plenty of worktop space and higher screens. We also provided customised overhead storage which was a specific requirement of Rockwell Collins project teams.


“Here at Rockwell Collins we needed a workstation solution that catered to our team based working style, one that requires plenty of desk space and delivered a high degree of privacy while still being able to keep in touch with other team members. Codess has been our project partner for over 5 years and once again they were very efficient in assisting us every step of the way and most importantly completed on schedule. Codess helped us achieve a workstation layout and storage solution that complimented our teams’ day to day highly confidential working environment.”

Rob Croce

Rockwell Collins Australia