System 2

System 2

The Open Space Acoustic Panel System creates an office in harmony: people, purpose, function, design and aesthetics coming together in unison. The basic elements come together to provide multiple solutions for the contemporary office.

System 2 offers a range of accessories and auxiliary surfaces so spaces can evolve and adapt with changing needs. Add desk-mounted screens for privacy or for accessories. System 2 combine materials and finishes for function and aesthetics. Add screens to define personal space.

Australian Manufactured
Completely Customisable
Fast Lead Times
Local Delivery and Installation

Adaptable to any functional or space requirements or to any style of organization. Multiple options in design, materials, technology and finishes for the needs of the modern workplace. System 2 enhances collaboration, creativity and teamwork while offering options to ensure privacy and personalisation of space. Simplicity is the key. Simplicity based on strength, functionality and elegance.

Panel Options
Panels come in various heights and widths, and in a wide variety of in-fills are available. These include fabric, glazed, function walls, super-acoustic, pin-boards, whiteboards, timber veneer, laminate, and powder coated or perforated steel. Non ducted panels are also available.

Cable Management
System 2 provides easy access to data and power cables via high-capacity ducting. It is suitable for both hardwired and softwired cabling and is fully approved for hardwired applications. The optional three channel cable ducting enables concealment of the services provided by VOICE, POWER or DATA with simple clipping of individual faceplates to both sides of the panel. Further access to the above ducting by these removable faceplates allows easy modifcation or repair to services as the need arises. The cable ducting is run at a standard nominal height of 750mm from floor level to the bottom of the external faceplate.

Acoustic Noise Reduction
Our Acoustic Panel System serves to absorb or redirect sound in your workspace, minimizing noise and creating privacy where necessary. The Sound Damping characteristics of our infill panels can be customised for your specific requirements. A layer of self-extinguishing foam is laid between selected fabrics and
the infill panel – this serves to reduce resonance in the office whilst still allowing for clear verbal communication in spaces where inter office dialogue is important for your business. In situations where privacy is of high concern we provide the option to maximise sound damping with the use sound absorption material acoustic cores to replace infills. These panels are upholstered in your selection of fabric to retain the aesthetics flow of your existing screen system.